An Unusual Exterior Cleaning Job

Published on: November 30th, 2021

At Chemwash East Waikato, we have a lot of experience cleaning residential, commercial and rural properties. Because of this, we are able to clean any exterior surface on any property. Seriously, we mean anything! While we have cleaned most surfaces many times before, we love it when a challenge is thrown our way.

A Unique Challenge

One of the best examples of this is when we were first asked to clean the three giant animal buildings in Tirau. The dog, sheep and ram are famously made from corrugated iron, watching the highway on Tirau’s main street. Inside the big dog, you’ll find the local visitor centre, while the sheep are home to a merino clothing shop. The eye catching trio is one of the main things that puts the town of Tirau on the map (they are absolutely impossible to miss). Therefore, it is important that the buildings are kept clean at all times for everyone passing by.

Our Specialty

Because Chemwash East Waikato specialise in cleaning buildings of all shapes and sizes, it makes sense that we were hired for the job! Our exterior cleaning method is also completely safe, with no risk of damaging the paintwork, or the surfaces themselves.

The Practical Benefits of Exterior Cleaning Rural Properties
The Practical Benefits of Exterior Cleaning Rural Properties

When your farm looks its best, it sends a positive message, increasing your property's value and desirability. Learn more about how we can help keep your surfaces clean.

Why We're Called Chemwash
Why We're Called Chemwash

Eco-Friendly Exterior Cleaning
Eco-Friendly Exterior Cleaning

Chemwash provides high-quality services that are eco-friendly. Learn how we do it!

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"Good job cleaning our local Musical theatre building, at a cost we could afford. Thanks, Chemwash team for your support of local arts."