Eco-Friendly Exterior Cleaning

Published on: August 10th, 2023

Chemwash is committed to providing high-quality exterior cleaning services that leave little impact on the surrounding environment. We uphold this commitment through our cleaning methods, products, and service experience.


Below we will outline these three areas, highlighting our eco-friendly approach and results.


Low-Pressure Cleaning Method

High water blasters remain an industry norm using a water pressure of 2,000-5,000psi, often damaging the surface they’re used on. Chemwash dials back the water pressure to reduce tension and output, resulting in a more sustainable approach to exterior surface cleaning.

Chemwash’s low-pressure cleaning method halves the water used to complete the same job at around 600-1000 psi. This is our soft washing method, which means the detergents do the hard work of removing dirt and grime instead of forceful water pressure.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

All Chemwash cleaning products include non-toxic ingredients often found under your kitchen sink. A leading industrial chemist specifically formulated our detergents to be tough on dirt and build-up, producing an incredibly clean result.

Ask our team if you want to learn more about our product ingredients! We have relevant material safety data sheets available for you to review anytime.

Working With Our Team

At Chemwash, eco-friendly is equally gentle and effective. Our proven cleaning methods and products allow us to keep your plants, pets, and loved ones completely safe when we service your property. The only trace left behind will be beautifully clean exteriors increasing the appearance and value of your property.


Working with Chemwash East Waikato means you have a team of people looking after your property. We aim to help you maintain your beloved spaces to ensure they always look their best without harming the environment.

Give us a ring or request a free, no-obligation quote! Our team is happy to answer any questions.
Preparing to Sell Your Home? Make a Lasting Impression with a Clean Exterior!
Preparing to Sell Your Home? Make a Lasting Impression with a Clean Exterior!

When selling your property, the exterior is the first thing potential buyers see and their initial impression matters. Let us help you make a lasting one!

The Practical Benefits of Exterior Cleaning Rural Properties
The Practical Benefits of Exterior Cleaning Rural Properties

When your farm looks its best, it sends a positive message, increasing your property's value and desirability. Learn more about how we can help keep your surfaces clean.

An Unusual Exterior Cleaning Job
An Unusual Exterior Cleaning Job

We love the challenge of cleaning Tirau's most well known buildings.

You are always assured of our best service and a top-quality job. Our workmanship and your satisfaction are fully guaranteed.

What our clients are saying

Selina & Emma

"These guys are fantastic, they cleaned our house when we first brought it...was a great freshen-up. Plus, they have also donated their time to freshen up our local district hall before we job!!"