The Practical Benefits of Exterior Cleaning Rural Properties

Published on: February 19th, 2024

Chemwash East Waikato takes immense pride in serving an expansive rural area where lush pastures, robust cowsheds and sturdy farm buildings dot the landscape. Today, we’re excited to discuss the unsung hero of rural property maintenance – Chemwash Cleaning Solutions, and how our services can transform your rural environment.

Discover the benefits of outdoor surface cleaning for cowsheds, farm equipment, fence lines, buildings, and more below.


Preserve & Prolong

Your farm’s assets are investments that deserve protection. Our soft wash cleaning methods are gentle, yet a highly effective solution that ensures your cowsheds, equipment, and structures endure the test of time. Our specialised equipment and detergents remove dirt, grime, mould, and algae without causing any damage. Regularly cleaning your outdoor exteriors can prolong their lifespan, saving you money overall.


Healthier Environment for Livestock

Your cows and other livestock are at the heart of your farming operation. A clean, healthy environment is crucial for their well-being. Soft washing cowsheds and farm buildings improve aesthetics and remove harmful contaminants that can affect animal health. Breathe easy knowing your livestock are in a cleaner, safer environment.


Enhanced Curb Appeal

Your farm is not just a place of work; it represents your pride and dedication. Cleaning fence lines, farm buildings, and equipment can dramatically enhance your property’s curb appeal. When your farm looks its best, it sends a positive message to the community and potential clients, increasing your property’s value and desirability.

When preparing for an audit or dairy farm inspection, exterior cleaning is essential. Our experienced team can assist you with this process.


Improved Efficiency

Dirty equipment can lead to decreased efficiency and costly repairs. Soft washing your farming equipment removes built-up grime and prevents corrosion, keeping your tools in top-notch condition. Clean equipment operates more smoothly, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.



Exterior cleaning offers numerous benefits to rural property owners, from preserving your investments to creating a healthier, more appealing farming environment.

Request your free quote today, and let’s work together to revitalise your property! Your farm deserves it, and so do you.

An Unusual Exterior Cleaning Job
An Unusual Exterior Cleaning Job

We love the challenge of cleaning Tirau's most well known buildings.

Why We're Called Chemwash
Why We're Called Chemwash

Eco-Friendly Exterior Cleaning
Eco-Friendly Exterior Cleaning

Chemwash provides high-quality services that are eco-friendly. Learn how we do it!

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